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May 9, 2013

Three amazing results of clinical research

Clinical research has led to some surprising discoveries in medicine, many of which are now used to save and improve lives. No wonder that many people in the medical field who choose to go to research and undergo training HPLC. This article describes three of these amazing discoveries.

January. Thermal Imaging; better option than mammography

For a long time it was mammograms common method used by doctors to test women for breast cancer. However now surpassed this search for new clinical research that revealed quite a number of downsides to mammography. To begin with, a mammogram images unreadable and false positives are common, resulting in a lot of unnecessary trauma in women. Also, doctors often do not know how to implement mammograms and radiation emitted in such proceedings could be harmful. This latest research concluded that mammography does not necessarily reduce mortality in women with breast cancer.

Thermal Imaging came quickly as a safer alternative. This involves examining the body of a woman using a thermal imaging camera and the results are displayed instantly on a computer. The test is completely painless, safe and best of all, non-invasive. Results are also easier to interpret and it is possible to detect breast cancer in its early stages. Because it does not involve radiation and is safe for a woman to have an annual check instead of mammograms.

February. Leading cause of cancer

For a very long period, efforts were directed to research the clinic to try to reach a cure for cancer. And it is now put in more effort to find out exactly what causes doctors concluded that people with cancer, it is better to prevent than trying to treat. Discoveries have been made in identifying three main reasons for this disease. The first of these is the lack of vitamin (d). We found that up to 30% of cancer deaths in the United States could be prevented each year simply by increasing levels of vitamin D in these people. The importance of normalizing insulin levels to prevent cancer is another amazing discovery that can not be ignored, but he had to wonder Otto Warburg Nobel Prize in 1934 for his research on himself. Exercise increased as a way to reduce the risk of cancer is to find another key.

Three. Reform of the eye

Dr. Derek van der Kooy leads this research to isolate stem cells in the human retina to study its potential in the treatment of retinal diseases. He developed this research the use of retinal stem cells to restore sight to the blind, Medical amazing achievement.

It led to clinical research and training HPLC in a largely growing medical practice. In this way, even the most complex treatments for diseases can be detected and it is on this as an important branch of medicine

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